The 8th edition of yearly IDPASC schools will be organized by the Instituto de Física Corpuscular, a joint venture of the Spanish Research council (CSIC) and the University of Valencia.

Particle Physics

Precise Collider Phenomenology at LHC. Hot topics on Flavour, Higgs and Physics Beyond the SM: theory and experiment. Detectors for the LHC upgrade.

Speakers include: Francisco Campanario, Oscar Vives, Miguel Nebot, Arantza Oyanguren, Luca Fiorini and Susanne Kuehn.

Astrophysics and Cosmology

Introduction to Cosmology. Dark Matter. Neutrino Telescopes. Gravitational Waves. Multimessengers approach.

Speakers include: Olga Mena, Stefano Gariazzo, Sergio Palomares, Juan de Dios Zornoza, Jose Antonio Font, Maurizio Spurio and Mario Pimenta.

Neutrinos Physics

Neutrino overview, Neutrino experiments and Neutrinos in Cosmology.

Speakers include: Mariam Tortola, Michel Sorel and Sergio Pastor.

Public Lecture

Luis Álvarez-Gaume