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10th IDPASC School, Nazaré

The IDPASC Network is organizing its annual European school in Particle Physics, Cosmology, Astroparticle Physics and Astrophysics, in Nazaré, Portugal from 06th to 16th September, 2021.

The 10th edition of yearly IDPASC schools is organized by LIP with the support of Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT) and the City Hall of Nazaré. The students will benefit from classes given by high-level experts in the fields of Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology and tutorials given by senior PhD students or postdocs.

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Post-doc positions in astroparticle physics at GSSI

GSSI opened a call for some post-doc positions in astroparticle physics.
In particular, two of them will be specifically devoted to:
- Data analysis and detector simulation for the study of high energy cosmic rays with space-based detectors.
- New technologies for the study of the cosmic radiation with space-based detectors and prototype testing.
More information at this link:    (Deadline : July 23)
Candidates will be required to have earned their PhD within the start of the new position (presumably the end of the year).

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Astroparticle Physics: 8 PhD positions at GSSI

The GSSI - Gran Sasso Science Institute (L’Aquila, Italy) offers 8 PhD scholarships in Astroparticle Physics starting from the academic year 2020/2021.

The GSSI Astroparticle Physics division counts approximately 20 Faculty members, 15 Post-doc fellows, 40 PhD students, 25 visiting professors, and is continuously growing.
Research topics include both experimental and theoretical activities on: underground rare event searches, cosmic ray physics, gravitational waves, high energy and multimessenger astrophysics, neutrino physics.

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