Bootstraping CFTs


  • Call:

    IDPASC Portugal - PHD Programme 2017

  • Academic Year:

    2017 / 2018

  • Domain:

    Theoretical Particle Physics

  • Supervisor:

    Miguel Costa

  • Co-Supervisor:

  • Institution:

    Universidade do Porto

  • Host Institution:

    Centro de Física do Porto

  • Abstract:

    Conformal Field theories (CFTs) are of great importance in theoretical physics. They describe critical phenomena in condensed matter systems and are the starting point to define quantum field theories in particle physics. Recently there have been major advances in searching for, and solving for, CFTs. These advances stem from a set of consistency equations every CFT must obey, also known as the bootstrap equations. The bootstrap equations allow one to study CFTs independently of their coupling, as well as CFTs that do not necessarily have a Lagrangian description. The aim of this project will be to search for new CFTs, carving the space of possible CFTs in several dimensions. This project will be conducted in close collaboration with the team of the “Simons collaboration on the Non-perturbative Bootstrap”.

Thesis Student

  • Student:

    António Antunes

  • Status:


  • Started At:

    January 01, 2018

  • Ended At:

    August 01, 2022