Machine Learning and Measurements of Higgs boson properties


  • Call:

    PT-CERN Call 2022/2

  • Academic Year:


  • Domain:

    Astroparticle Physics

  • Supervisor:

    Michele Gallinaro

  • Co-Supervisor:

    Pietro Vischia

  • Institution:

    Instituto Superior Técnico (Universidade de Lisboa)

  • Host Institution:

    CERN Experimental Physics Department

  • Abstract:

    The main goal of the research program is to analyze the data and search for the production of Higgs boson pairs via gluon-gluon and vector boson fusion processes in final states with two bottom quarks and two tau leptons. The use of Advanced Analysis tools, such as Machine Learning and Deep Neural Network, will be pursued to enhance the sensitivity of the study. With the large data samples collected in Run2 and those expected to be collected in Run3 and beyond, the tools will be used to better understand the data and extend the sensitivity to Higgs searches to regions so far unexplored. The research will be carried out in the context of the Portuguese participation in the CMS experiment at the LHC, in the framework of the activities of one of the outstanding research groups in High-Energy Physics in Portugal. Citing the Report of the recent Institutional Evaluation performed by an international review panel nominated by FCT: “The LIP-CMS group, while small in size, is really outstanding and world-class”. The candidate is expected to work in a team with a group of researchers. A strong motivation and a keen curiosity are essential requirements.