The many faces of the Next-to-minimal Two Higgs Doublet Model


  • Call:

    PT-CERN Call 2022/1

  • Academic Year:


  • Domain:

    Astroparticle Physics

  • Supervisor:

    Pedro Ferreira

  • Co-Supervisor:

    António Morais

  • Institution:

    Universidade de Lisboa

  • Host Institution:

    CFTC - Centro de Física Teórica e Computacional

  • Abstract:

    This work focuses on the class of Next-to-minimal Two Higgs Double Models (NTHDM)and the exploration of their characteristics in the aspects of beyond the standard model(BSM) particles like dark matter (DM) candidates, new scalar particles, exotic neutrinos,lepto-quarks and their signature in flavor observables, colliders and the possibility of emerging gravitational waves (GW). The NTHDM provided a broad field of studies and recently, a list of possible anomaly-free implementations of three right-handed neutrinos and a type-I seesaw mechanism was introduced in [1]. We will perform a thorough examination of the NTHDM class of models and their different scenarios and test them in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Run 3, if we are interested in the phenomenology of BSM particles, or in gravitational wave observatories like LISA or the future Big-Bang-Observer and Einstein-Telescope that will probe energies from 1 to 104 TeV