Neutrinos @ the LHC


  • Call:

    IDPASC Portugal - PHD Programme 2019

  • Academic Year:

    2019 / 2020

  • Domain:

    Theoretical Particle Physics

  • Supervisor:

    Filipe Joaquim

  • Co-Supervisor:

    Juan Antonio Aguilar-Saavedra

  • Institution:

    Instituto Superior Técnico

  • Host Institution:

    Instituto Superior Técnico

  • Abstract:

    The generation of the light neutrino masses is an open problem of the Standard Model that requires an extension of its particle content. Associated to this mass generation mechanism, direct observable effects are predicted at the LHC in a wide class of theoretical models. In the last decade, these predictions have been cast in terms of simplified scenarios, and subsequently the searches at the LHC experiments have been done based on these simplifying assumptions. Yet, no direct signals of new physics associated to the neutrino mass generation have been observed at colliders. In this proposal we aim at exploring novel scenarios with non-minimal matter content and/or flavour assumptions and their predictions for the LHC.