Neutrinos at the Energy, Intensity and Cosmic Frontiers


  • Call:

    IDPASC Portugal - PHD Programme 2017

  • Academic Year:

    2017 / 2018

  • Domain:

    Theoretical Particle Physics

  • Supervisor:

    Filipe Joaquim

  • Co-Supervisor:

    Ricardo Gonzalez Felipe

  • Institution:

    Instituto Superior Técnico

  • Host Institution:


  • Abstract:

    The future of particle physics hinges on the combined exploration of phenomena at the energy, intensity and cosmic frontiers. At the energy frontier, the Higgs boson discovery in 2012 at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has opened a new window to better understand several open questions in particle physics. With the experimental confirmation of neutrino oscillations, neutrinos have become the most promising vehicles for exploration at the intensity frontier. Furthermore, the synergies between these two frontiers must be complemented with information provided by cosmological experiments, such as the baryon asymmetry of the Universe and dark matter. The present PhD research proposal aims at contributing to the theoretical understanding of several fundamental phenomena by combining analytical and numerical methods adopted in particle physics and cosmology. This strategy will be developed in the light of present and upcoming results from several sources, namely the LHC, neutrino experiments and cosmological observations.