The TAE (Taller de Altas Energías) - Workshop on High Energy Physics is an international workshop aimed at completing the education of first and second year graduated students who are starting their research on experimental or theoretical High Energy Physics, Astroparticles and Cosmology. The program of the TAE combines lectures and individual work supervised by Tutors. Lectures will be delivered mostly in the mornings, whereas Tutorials on selected topics will take place in the afternoons. Participants will work through the solutions of problems proposed by the lecturers with the help of a number of tutors. All participants are also encouraged to present and discuss their work during specific dedicated sessions.

The Workshop will take place at Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual ( which is an international meeting infrastructure that provides excellent facilities and an agreeable atmosphere to allow the participants to interact with senior researchers and also to carry their work during the meeting. The lecture halls and seminars for discussion sessions are located in the Centre. Computing and electronic communication facilities are available.

Benasque is a beautiful village located in the Spanish Pyrenees, just at the bottom of their highest mountain (Pico Aneto), with a wonderful countryside/hiking environment.

List of topics

- Statistical Methods and AI, Glen Cowan (Royal Holloway, UK)
- QFT and Effective Field Theories, José Santiago (U. Granada, Spain)
- Electroweak Standard Model, José M. No (IFT, Madrid, Spain)
- QCD and Jets, Carlos Salgado (U. Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
- Neutrino physics (theory), Gabriela Baremboim (IFIC - U. Valencia, Spain)
- Neutrino physics (experiment), Carmen Palomares (CIEMAT, Spain)
- Astroparticle physics, Francesca Calore (Lapth, Annecy, France)
- Cosmology, TBA
- Beyond the Standard Model, Verónica Sanz (IFIC - U.Valencia, Spain)
- LHC physics, Mario Martinez (IFAE, Barcelona, Spain)
- Future detectors, Iván Vila (IFCA, CSIC, Santander, Spain)
- Flavor physics, J. Camalich (IAC, La Laguna, Spain)
- LHCb physics, Carla Marín (U. Barcelona, Spain)
- Dark Matter, Anne Green (U of Nottingham, UK)
- LLPs, Emma Torró (IFIC, Valencia)
- Axions, Javier Redondo (U. Zaragoza)
- Gravitational waves, TBA