We're looking forward to hosting 2022's edition ! Deadline for registration May 7th

The goal of the school is to introduce Particle Physics and Astroparticle Physics to 3rd and 4th year physics students while at the same time touching on the latest results and challenges in these fields. For about a week, students will be immersed in an international research atmosphere, and will be able to spend time and discuss at length with scientists working in the field. There will be lectures on both the theoretical and the experimental sides of LHC Physics, Neutrinos, Flavour Physics, Astroparticle Physics (dark matter and cosmic rays) and Gravitational Wave Physics. There will also be hands-on sessions and a Questions session.

Courses will be in English. No background knowledge on the topics covered beyond a popular science level is assumed. However a strong basis in Quantum Mechanics and a good knowledge of Special Relativity is expected.

A maximum of 30 students will be admitted. Accommodation and lunches will be provided for free during the length of the school. The participant (or his/her university) is expected to assume the costs of travel and of 6 or 7 dinners. A few travel grants are nevertheless available.