Dear all,
we are pleased to announce the XXXII edition of the International Seminar of Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics "Francesco Romano", always known as the Doctoral School of Otranto, which will be held from 7 to 11’th June 2021. The lessons of the School will take place in an unusual and extraordinary way exclusively by video conferencing platform and a session dedicated to student presentation of their activities is foreseen as in the tradition of the School with a final evaluation.

Topics chosen for the sessions of this edition include:

Beyond S.M. (A. Masiero), Neutrino Astronomy (M. Taiuti), Physics at LHC (M. Pelliccioni), LHC- Detectors and upgrades (A. Andreazza), Solid-State Detectors (G. Casse), Ultra-relativistic Heavy Ion Physics (A. Kalweit), Gravitational Waves (G. A. Prodi), Astroparticle Physics (R. Ulrich), Talking about science: tricks and tips (G. Chiarelli and F. Scianitti).

Further information can be found on the web page
Email for any communication: We also remind you that a session dedicated to short presentations of the research activity by students is foreseen.
We invite you to spread this announcement at your offices and at the national and local coordinators and managers, so that this information reaches the widest number of PhD students and young researchers. We hope you can encourage broad participation and support to interested students.
the Secretariat of the School

* XXXII International Seminar of Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics                          *
*                    "Francesco Romano"                                                                                 *
*                        7-11 June 2021                                                                                       *
*                                                                          *