An event showing the potential of data science in modern society and stimulating synergies between fundamental research and industry

Data Science is the art of analyzing data sets to find correlations, causal relations, patterns; build hypothesis, assign significances to them, assess the efficiency of an algorithm of finding a signal probability of false positives, assess the efficiencies of finding a signal. Define control samples, simulate and replicate the reality according to a model. Access, store, retrieve data, moderate or extremely large data-sets (Big Data); create automatic tools that take decisions,..... Data analysis within high energy physics and astroparticle physics is Data Science.

The event aims to show to students, PhDs and young post-docs that coming to fundamental physics is an career opportunity with huge synergies with the job market and the needs of modern society. This event would be made of a school with courses on data science currently used in HEP (High Energy Physics) and astroparticle physics and a symposium where different companies present their current trends, needs and daily work related to Data Science.

This event also intends to find interlocutors for establishing communication channels with the industry that allow to explore partnerships and joint projects, to compete for international grants, and also to show the capabilities of LIP and (Astro)Particle Physics in general in the field of Data Science. This event will facilitate bringing together the two sides and create the framework to enlarge mutual knowledge of daily work, allowing to create practical synergies from Data Science in fundamental physics into Data Science in industry.