The future of the research with space-borne and ground-based experiments dedicated to the study of cosmic rays, especially gamma-rays, will be discussed, looking in particular to its potential for multi messenger astrophysics and for discoveries in the sector of physics in extreme conditions, and to new installations in the Northern and in the Southern hemispheres.

This workshop is done in La Palma, which hosts the Observatorio de Roque de Los Muchachos (ORM), where gamma-ray astrophysics is protagonist since the last 30 years, with HEGRA and MAGIC in particular. ORM is also one of the candidate sites for CTA North and the site where the prototype of the Large Size CTA Telescope (23 m) will be installed. A guided tour of the experimental installations will be organised within the workshop.

This workshop is dedicated to the memory of Eckart Lorenz, one of the fathers of experimental cosmic-ray physics with photons in the TeV region.

The proceedings of the workshop will be published.

Contributed talks are welcome, in particular on:

new ideas related to the research on cosmic gamma rays,

multimessenger astrophysics and its relation to gamma rays,

fundamental physics and comparison of the sensitivity of different techniques with gamma astrophysics.