Candidates must comply with the general requirements for PhD admissions in Portuguese universities and with the national regulations for PhD grant awarding, as well as with the specific regulations of the university from which he/she will obtain the degree. The admission criteria will follow the best practices implemented in the FCT PhD grants.

In addition, candidates must hold a MSc in Physics, Physics Engineering or associated areas with a final grade of not less than 14/20 (in the case of 5 year integrated master programmes, the grade obtained in the last 2 years is considered).

Candidates should hold either a pre-Bologna degree, or a pre-/post-Bologna Master’s degree at the time of application.

The recognition in Portugal of higher education degrees and diplomas awarded by foreign higher education institutions is regulated, since January 1st 2019, by Decree-Law no. 66/2018

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Candidates who have previously received an identical type of FCT-funded fellowship or have been selected for a PhD studentship in an FCT PhD Programme may not apply.

In exceptional cases, candidates with a solid scientific, academic, technical or professional curriculum may be accepted with grades below the threshold. These special cases will be decided upon by the programme board.

All candidates must have a reasonable proficiency in English (reading, writing and speaking). If it is deemed necessary, an interview (which may be through video-conference) may be requested.

More detailed information will be available on the Call announcement.